Effective July 1, Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency’s (UCHRA) Public Transportation’s Go Route will be fare-free. 

“We are thrilled to be able to provide this vital transportation service free of charge,” said Holly Montooth, UCHRA Public Transportation Director. “Removing the fare makes our bus routes in Algood, Cookeville, Crossville, and McMinnville more accessible to everyone. This change helps ease the financial strain on riders and encourages more people to use public transportation.”

Starting July 1, riders will no longer have to pay a fare to ride the Go Route. The Go Route provides an hourly continuous city loop in Algood, Cookeville, Crossville, McMinnville, and on the campus of Tennessee Tech University. The Go Routes include stops at designated areas and bus shelters as well as the flexibility to go up to three-quarters of a mile off the route for the convenience of the riders. 

In addition to permanently waiving the fare for Go Routes, UCHRA Public Transportation has announced that, also effective July 1, driver pay will increase to $14 per hour and to $15 for drivers who hold a CDL. Drivers who work certain shifts are eligible for additional incentives.

These changes, Montooth says, are aimed at giving back to the community; showing appreciation for the passengers and staff who keep UCHRA Public Transportation moving.

UCHRA Public Transportation strives to maintain a professional, customer-friendly, low-cost transit system that provides transportation to rural residents of all ages. We pride ourselves on helping individuals by providing a safe, high-quality, and dependable service.  It is funded by the Federal Transit Administration, TN Dept. of Transportation, local human service contracts, fares, local revenues, and in-kind contributions.

Click here to view Go Route maps, locate your bus, or learn more about UCHRA Public Transportation.